Saturday, 26 January 2013

Creating the love that they deserve

I have lots of crafty materials in my house, in fact it is the only type of shopping I enjoy.  There are so many beautiful items on the market that I simply could justify buying despite my abilities to put them to good use at some point.
At Christmas I made a number of cards for friends and family, as I do every year.  Unless I am with the recipient when they open the cards, comments aren't made and efforts aren't recognised, however its a busy time of the year so who knows.  My mum always likes her card, but then its her place to.  This year shortly after Christmas a friend approached me with the idea of complimenting her cake business with a valentines card to match her proposed theme for this year.  She had a number of ideas and would like to offer a cake and card combo.  She sent me a few pictures of what she had planned and left me to devise a few ideas.  
Initially my thoughts were, seriously, do people still buy cards? My husband and I do not entertain the commercial nonsense of Valentines, anyone who knows us can understand our reasons behind it however we are aware that its the sociably accepted norm.  In my head men buy the cards for their wife or girlfriend in a garage, and men aren't really into the receiving of cards.  So my target audience was already floored.  How do you prevent these men from picking up a car whilst filling up their fuel tank?  My husband has a Facebook account, and so do many other men I know, therefore I conducted a survey to see who really bothered with Valentines and what they wanted from their Valentine.  Bar a few single women the consensus was that people didn't bother, or thought it was a waste of money, or finally, and this amused me, they only bought a card as they felt they had to as their female partners would be upset.  So based on this opinion alone and the materials I had to hand I decided to sit one Sunday evening and try out a few ideas.

I've sent them over to my friend and I guess it is just a matter of time before we see whether they are a success or not?  Perhaps I'm surrounded by cold hearted lovers in my life, but please let me know how important Valentines is to you, after all it wasn't until the 15th century when it evolved into a occasion for lovers to express their love for one another! Nowadays all I hear is groaning about the price of a stamp, never mind the weight of a handmade card!

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